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Ag Safety STAT : April 2016

Ag Safety S.T.A.T. – Safe Tactics for Ag Today is an electronic newsletter prepared by team members from the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Office. The goal is to provide seasonal safety news and activities that may be re-published in your own newsletters or programs. If you have safety-related questions or program ideas that you would like to share, please contact Dee Jepsen at jepsen.4@osu.edu
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  1. The OSU Agricultural Safety and Health Program has sun safe hats for sale. These sun safe hats are great for Master Gardeners, field researchers, golf enthusiasts, local farmers, OSU alumni, etc. 

  2. To help prevent back injuries for farmers and gardeners, Ohio AgrAbility will be presenting “Oh My Aching Back” presentations throughout the state. 

Injury Prevention

  1. Kent McGuire – OSU Ag Safety and Health:

    Today’s agricultural equipment is powerful, very efficient and versatile in how it can be used. The warning labels and equipment manual can be great tools for refreshing our memory of the hazards associated with the equipment.

  2. Andy Bauer—Ohio AgrAbility Program Educational Coordinator:

    Hopefully, spring weather is finally here, bringing with it long hours.  Getting field work done, crops planted and the garden planted in a timely manner are important tasks this time of year. During this time of long hours and hard work, don’t forget about your own health.

Emergency Management

  1. Kent McGuire—OSU Ag Safety and Health:

    According to the EPA's Emergency Response Community Involvement Program, individuals should stay informed about the presence of hazardous substances in their local area. An important aspect of emergency management is to recognize a hazardous substance release and understand what to do in the event of a release. 

Spot the Safety Issue

  1. Can you spot the Safety Violations in this photo? 

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