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CFAES Shop Safety Program

It is the policy of The Ohio State University (OSU) to take precautions to eliminate hazards associated with the use of hand and power tools; and to ensure employees are properly trained to utilize these tools in a safe manner to minimize injuries related to their use in OSU machine shops. This Machine Shop Safety Program provides an overview of shop safety to minimize injury and/or accidents associated with machine shop activities.To prevent serious injury, the OSU Shop Safety program is built around  four general safety rules:

  1. Users must receive training and demonstrate competency before using shop equipment.
  2. Appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) shall be worn while working in the shop.
  3. A minimum of two (2) persons shall be present at all times while shop equipment is in use. Never work alone.
  4. Proper storage and general housekeeping shall be maintained at all times.

The purpose of this program is to outline the requirements to minimize/eliminate machine shop related injuries. This program is developed in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations and OSU Programs and policies. The Machine Shop Safety Program establishes and outlines the OSU Environmental Health & Safety, departmental, supervisor and user responsibilities; identification of safety hazards and control measures; and training, inspection and recordkeeping for OSU machine shops.    

The program applies to all OSU employees whose work duties require them to utilize equipment within machine shops. All hand and powered tools and other hand-held equipment utilized at OSU for construction, alteration, repair, demolition, electrical, plumbing, vehicle maintenance and general purposes are covered by this policy. This program covers all rooms that are dedicated to the housing of shop equipment and are used for student instruction, the completion of student tasks or the completion of work by OSU employees.

 The Shop Safety Program provides inspections and recommendations to shops for the hazards present. The CFAES Safety and Health Coordintor and EHS will work with the shop personnel to reduce complinace issues and ensure all appropriate programs, and training, are in place to protect workers from hazards they may encounter as part of their work requirements.

The College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences follows a training program that can be accessed via OSU Environmental Health and Safety website. (www.ehs.osu.edu) A shop safety module and a hand & power tool module are available for faculty, staff and students. Additional training specifc to equipment, processes, or locations may be required by the supervisor.
To start the training (OSU employees / students):
2) Click on “EHS Online Login Page” link.

3) Sign in using your osu.edu login (last name.###).  Once you have signed in a new web page should pop up.

4) Click on “EHS Online Training.”
5) You will see a Program Listing bar with a drop down menu labeled “Area” under it.

6) Click on the“Area” drop down menu (under the “Program Listing” bar), and choose the “Occupational Health and Safety” tab. Another drop down menu labeled “Program” will appear next to the one labeled “Area”.

7) Click on the“Program” drop down menu (also under the Program Listing bar) and choose “Shop Safety” tab.
8) Click on “Begin Training Program” in the lower left part of the box to start the training.
9) At the end of the on-line training you will be prompted to take the quiz.
10) Once you have completed and passed the quiz, print off your training report and take it to your supervisor, addional operator proficiency training may be required by the supervisor for specific equipment.
Note: The Hand & Power Tool Safety module can be acessed in the same manner by locating it in the “Program” drop down menu
If you have any questions regarding CFAES Shop Safety, please contact Kent McGuire at mcguire.225@osu.edu or 292-0588. You may also contact the OSU Environmental Health and Safety Office online at http://ehs.osu.edu/ or by phone at (614) 292-1284.
Reviewed / Updated: 11/2/16 K. McGuire