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Employee Safety Resources

Safety Training Videos

U.S. Agricultural Safety & Health Centers: Safety Videos
eXtension.org: Ag Safety & Health Videos
A Tractor Accident Can Happen to Anyone


Print Materials

OSHA Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers (pdf)
Ready Ag: Disaster and Defense Preparedness (pdf)
ASHCA Facts 2015 - Be Safe, Be Profitable


Printable Safety Posters

OSU Ag Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 11 and larger)
Farm Equipment Hazards
Tractor Safety
Skidloader Safety
Utility Type Vehicle "UTV" Safety
Grain Handling Safety
OSU Pest Ed Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 14 and larger)
Prevent Mosquito-borne Diseases - Home
Prevent Mosquito-borne Diseases - Farm
OSU EHS "Safety Brief" Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 11 and larger)
Building Emergency Action Plans
Winter Driving
Lifting Safely
Fall Protection
Why You Should Use PPE
Ask 4 Before Walking Out the Door
Slips, Trips, & Falls - Winter
Employee Injury Reporting


OSU EHS "Brutus" Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 14 and larger)
Brutus Wears PPE #1: Lab
Brutus Wears PPE #2: Construction
Brutus Lifting Safety
Brutus Exit Route Safety
Brutus Emergency Action Plan Safety
Brutus Watch Your Step
Brutus Taking Safety Training
Brutus Reporting Unsafe Incidents #1
Brutus Reporting Unsafe Incidents #2


If you have any questions, please contact Kent McGuire (CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator) at mcguire.225@osu.edu or (614) 292-0588.


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