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Ohio's Farm Fatality Statistics

The documents below provide charts of the farm fatalities for the past 10 years in the state of Ohio. These fatalities are reported by year, month, age, and agent of injury. In addition, a breakdown of the tractor-related fatalities and grain fatalities is provided. Farm related injuries are too hard to capture in a database and are not available.

Along with Ohio's fatalities links are provided to show the national statistics.

     Distribution of fatalities by year

     Distribution of fatalities by month

     Distribution of fatalities by age (10 year groups)

     Distribution of fatalities by Agent (cause of incident)
            Breakdown of Tractor related fatalities
            Breakdown of Grain Handling and Storage fatalities

National Statistics:
Fatal Unintentional Farm Injuries Among Persons Less than 20 Years of Age in the United States

Injuries Among Youth on Farms in the United States 1998

Injuries Among Farm Workers in the United States, 1993