2014 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo

Mar 25, 2014 through Mar 27, 2014 (All day)


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The GRAIN C.A.R.T. will be there on Tuesday for a training.

Grain bin fatalities are steadily increasing each year. This classroom and live demonstration workshop prepares rescue personnel for the unconventional agriculture situations that exist in a grain bin rescue. Students use the Ohio Fire Academy's Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer (CART) to evaluate the hazards associated with grain bins and learn how to safely extricate trapped victims. You must wear hard sole shoes (preferably work boots) and bring a rescue helmet or fire fighter helmet, if possible.

You will be able to: 1. Identify safety equipment needed to attempt grain bin rescue; 2. Describe the hazards associated with grain bins; and 3. Explain how to successfully extricate a trapped victim from a grain bin.


THURSDAY- Attend Grain Entrapment Prevention Systems

This session is an introduction to the hazards of flowing grain and procedures for safe grain bin entry. This session highlights the need for lock-out/tag-out and identifying risks when working from heights. A demonstration helps participants select and use proper safety harnesses and lifeline systems, especially when working in grain facilities.

You will be able to: 1. Identify the common hazards associated with flowing grain and entrapment; and 2. Explain how to select proper safety harnesses and lifeline systems for use at grain facilities.

For a complete list of educational sessions, visit http://s1.goeshow.com/obwc/safety/2014/schedule.cfm

THURSDAY- Attend Emergency Action Plans for Ag Businesses and Direct Marketing Operations

Direct farm markets, wineries, u-pick operations, tree farms and other agricultural-related businesses are quite diverse, and often have unique liability. The key to protecting the consumer, your workforce and business operations is preparedness. This session will cover how effective emergency action and business continuity plans and employee training can help maintain business operations, protect consumers and workers, and reduce your liability.

You will be able to: 1. Explain the components of an emergency action plan; 2. Describe a business continuity plan unique to your operation; and 3. List ways to develop an employee training program to minimize business disruption.

THURSDAY- Attend "I'm Not As Young As I Used to Be!" Working with Aging Workers in Agriculture and Horticulture

This session helps agricultural and horticultural producers address the evolving needs of aging workers. Topic discussed will include safety for older workers; assistive technology used in agriculture; horticulture and gardening; and tricks of the trade for aging limitations. Highlights include discussing mobility, managing arthritic limitations, planning a productive day, and showcasing adaptive tools and equipment.

You will be able to: 1. Recognize aging limitations of senior workers in the agriculture and horticulture industries; 2. Identify methods to help older workers remain productive; 3. Explain the safety aspects associated with senior workers; and 4. Identify assistive technology and adaptive tools used to help workers remain productive.



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