How to schedule the GRAIN C.A.R.T.?

When scheduling the Grain C.A.R.T. (Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer), please answer the following questions to help enhance the quality of your program.

1a. Are you interested in a GRAIN SAFETY AWARENESS program for local farmers and agribusiness managers to teach them about the hazards associated with flowing grain, proper ways to enter a grain bin, and what can/should not be done in the case of an emergency?


1b. Are you interested in TRAINING for your local fire department to gain the knowledge to safely evaluate the hazards associated with grain bins and successfully extricate a trapped victim(s) through a combination of classroom and hands-on training?

2. Have you thought about partnering with the local fire department or your local OSU Extension office to provide both the AWARENESS and TRAINING to your local community?
                    You could hold the awareness program one day and then the training program could take place the following day.

3. Do you have access to 200-250 bushels of dent (field) corn? 
                    It is the responsibility of the host agency to supply the corn used in the training. (Seed corn is not permitted). The corn can only be top loaded into the trailer and then can either be gravity dumped into a pit/auger or offload via the auger system in to a truck or wagon at the conclusion of the training.

4. Do you have access to a building capable of holding a 40’ semi-trailer, in case of inclement weather?
                    The Grain C.A.R.T. requires a minimum door size of 14’h x 10’w, with an interior overhead working height of 22-ft. The area around the trailer should be 20-ft wide and 45-ft deep/long, overall.

To schedule a GRAIN SAFETY AWARENESS or if you are interested in collaborating the awareness program with a fire fighter training, please contact Lisa Pfeifer at 614-292-9455 or email: Please allow 2-3 months for paperwork processing.


If you are interested only in the FIRE FIGHTER TRAINING (Grain Rescue Level 1 class), please contact Mike Bailey at 614-752-7177 or 888-726-7731 ext 141.

In order to more efficiently serve Ohio communities, please consider partnering with neighboring counties when scheduling the Grain C.A.R.T.

Below is the current 2018 schedule:

Date                        General Location                                    Program Type

June 11-13                 Licking County                       OFA Train the Trainer

June 28                       Darke County                        Grain Safety Awareness

June 29                       Darke County                        Fire Fighter Training

July 21                       Harrison County                    Fire Fighter Training

August 4                     Fayette County          Grain Safety Awareness & Fire Fighter Training

August 11                   Morgan County         Grain Safety Awareness & Fire Fighter Training

August 14                   Holmes County                       Grain Safety Awareness

August 16                   Licking County                       Fire Fighter Training

August 18                   Delaware County                    Grain Safety Awareness

August 19                   Delaware County                    Fire Fighter Training

August 25                   Pike County                            Grain Safety Awareness

August 26                   Pike County                            Fire Fighter Training

August 29                   Madison County       Grain Safety Awareness & Fire Fighter Training

September 5             Pickaway County                      Grain Safety Awareness

September 8             Muskingum County                   Fire Fighter Training

September 15               Wood County                        Grain Safety Awareness

September 29               Perry County                         Fire Fighter Training

October 6                   Licking County                       Fire Fighter Training

October 11-13            Franklin County                      Fire Fighter Training

October 17-19            Hamilton County                    Fire Fighter Training

November 3               Allen County                          Fire Fighter Training


All dates and locations tentatively scheduled