Program Participant / Volunteer Injury Reporting (Non-Employee)

This information is related to incident/injury reporting for non-employees (e.g. volunteers, visitors, participants, etc.)
IMPORTANT:  In the event of an injury, the injured individual should obtain first aid as needed and notify the immediate supervisor of the incident as soon as practicable.
The “Program Participant Incident/Injury Report” should be completed for every incident/injury of a non-employee (volunteer, visitor, participant, etc.), preferably within 24 hours of the incident/injury. In addition, please complete Section 3: Contributing Factors or Conditions on the “Employee Accident Form.” Even though the individual is not an employee, the information in Section 3 is important for the risk management department to conduct a root cause analysis.
Submit a copy of the completed forms to The Department of Risk Management and Insurance:
If you have additional questions related to an incident, please contact:
Stacey Houser – Associate Director, Risk Management & Insurance at 614-247-8396 or
Terry Rodeman – Insurance Administrator at 614-247-8840 or
David Smith – Safety and Loss Control Representative at 614-688-2297 or
Reminder: If the incident involves a University employee, please use the Ohio State Employee Accident Report and report the incident to:
Traci Laub – Workers Compensation and Disability Claim Manager at 614-688-3627 or


Reviewed / Updated: 8/29/18 K. McGuire