Ag Safety STAT: Safety Thru the Seasons 2024

  1. By Wayne Dellinger, OSUE ANR Educator, Union County

    Being aware of weather conditions is nothing new to farmers.  Weather is what dictates everything from when fieldwork can be done to how well crops yield.  Severe weather awareness is an old topic that sometimes needs a reminder.  Getting caught in the middle of a field when severe weather strikes is not the greatest of situations. 

  2. The beginning of March is a great time to get started on outdoor spring-cleaning projects, but it is also a time when outdoor burning can get out of control quickly. Woody debris from downed tree branches, overgrown fencerows, and general yard work can create a lot of waste. Many townships and municipalities have events where small amounts of debris can be collected and shredded. That will not be an option if you are cleaning out a fence row. Burning may be the easiest option but be aware of the risks that come with open burning in the spring.

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