Overexertion and Fatigue

By Andy Bauer,  Ohio AgrAbility Educational Program Coordinator

Hopefully spring weather is finally coming on, bringing with it long hours due to delays in getting field work done and crops planted. The extended winter weather will also cause delays in getting the garden planted in a timely manor. During this time of long hours and hard work don’t forget about your own health.  Overexertion and fatigue are two types of injury that long hard days of trying to get crops in the ground can cause. In the morning before going out to start the long days work take time to do some stretching exercises and warm the body up to get ready for long strenuous days.

Remember to use proper lifting technics when lifting objects and try not to lift more than you can, don’t overextend yourself. Switch tasks often when bending, lifting and reaching out to do jobs. Your body is your most important tool so learn to respect it, pain is your body’s way of telling you to slow down a little and rest. When sitting in equipment for long periods of time, stop every couple of hours to get out, stretch your legs and do some stretching to loosen up your back. Stretching and walking around will help to prevent fatigue, also try to get a good nights sleep. Remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated as you work long hours and temperatures rise. Taking care of yourself will help prevent further planting delays.

Overexertion and fatigue are also two concerns to be aware of when working in the garden. After working in the field all day pace yourself in working in the garden and be careful of bending and reaching out to plant the garden, don’t overextend yourself. Try to limit the hours worked in the garden and get some rest to prevent fatigue the next day. Plan your days out and work smartly.

For more information contact the Ohio AgrAbiliy Program at agrability.osu.edu or Andy Bauer at 614-247-7681 or bauer.528@osu.edu