Celebrating Occupational Therapy Outreach for the Farm

April is occupational therapy (OT) month. OT practitioners focus on helping clients perform everyday activities to their highest potential. In Ohio, we also recognize the OT’s who help farmers stay farming after a life changing condition. These conditions can be the results of an injury, and also injuries that occur off the farm. Health related conditions may include chronic arthritis, genetic conditions from birth, as well as limitations from short- or long-term surgeries.

The Ohio AgrAbility Program works with OT practitioners to promote independence for people in agriculture. This program conducts on-site assessments for the worker to determine how he or she performs their job and helps find solutions that will meet their needs. Solutions often involve inexpensive modifications that help the person complete a job that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

The Ohio AgrAbility Program is available in all Ohio counties. Learn more about the program on our website www.agrability.osu.edu.