Giving for Safety’s Sake

Dee Jepsen, State Agricultural Safety Leader

During holidays and the start of a new year, many consider how they can reach out to others to donate items, give of their time, or contribute financially to those in need. So whether you give out of abundance or out of necessity to improve your tax bracket, here are some safety and health ideas that will benefit those on the receiving end.

Community shelters may appreciate receiving these items, or will be able to distribute them to low-income households within the community:

- Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (include the batteries)

- Flashlights and portable LED lanterns of all sizes

- First Aid kits or contents to restock existing kits (bandages, ointments, sting medications)

- Kitchen-sized fire extinguishers

- New potholders to prevent burns in the kitchen

- Snow shovels and sidewalk salt to prevent slips and falls

- Personal health care items: toothbrushes and dental floss, wash cloths, toiletry items, and throw blankets.

While safety is important year round, these thoughtful giving ideas also make a statement to show you care. Peace of mind and safety can go hand in hand during the holiday season . . . give to those in need.