Holiday Disaster Planning – Little Ideas for Thoughtful Giving

Dee Jepsen – State Agricultural Safety and Health Leader

The year 2017 had many devastating disasters, both natural and man-made. As our nation continues to clean up after floods, wildfires, and other tragedies, it is particularly easy to care for the immediate need, and take safety needs for granted.

After restoring power and replenishing the food pantries, homes and businesses need to consider how to replace items in their emergency kits. The holidays are perfect times to give items of this nature. Low-income families and community shelters appreciate receiving, as we give the gift of future safety planning and preparedness. Some of the popular items include:

Flashlights and portable LED lanterns of all sizes (include the batteries)
Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors (include the batteries)
Kitchen-sized fire extinguishers
Snow shovels and sidewalk salt to prevent slips and falls
Vehicle safety kits (jumper cables, blankets, flares and flashlights)
First Aid kits or contents to restock existing kits (bandages, ointments, sting medications)


Safety is important year round. During holidays and the start of a new year, consider how you can give peace of mind.

For more information about OSU Ag Safety visit: or contact Dee Jepsen at or 614-292-6008.