Ag Safety STAT: December 2018

Ag Safety S.T.A.T. – Safe Tactics for Ag Today is an electronic newsletter prepared by team members from the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Office. The goal is to provide seasonal safety news and activities that may be re-published in your own newsletters or programs. If you have safety-related questions or program ideas that you would like to share, please contact Dee Jepsen at
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  1. Agricultural rescue training and education are an integral part to protecting our work force of families tied to agriculture in Ohio. The Grain C.A.R.T. (Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer) was designed and built to do that twofold.

  2. Please consider safety for your late winter and early spring producer meetings – or county Farm Bureau sponsored Workers Compensation group rating programs – our staff will work with you to design a safety program specifically for your audience.

Safety Resource Spotlight

  1. Put A Freeze on Winter Fires – The NFPA’s campaign to address seasonal fires with educational resources can be found at https://www.

Ohio AgrAbility

  1. Laura Akgerman – Disability Services Coordinator for Ohio AgrAbility:

    If you are trying to decide what gift to give (or ask for) this holiday season, consider this list of a few of our farmers favorite things. While our Ohio AgrAbility farmers often have specialized or

Injury Prevention

  1. Kent McGuire – OSU Ag Safety and Health Program Coordinator:

    When the temperature drops, ice can become a severe problem when working outdoors.  On the farm, water troughs ice over, barn doors freeze shut, and ice glazes over travel paths or equipment stored outside. 

  2. Lisa Pfeifer – OSU Ag Safety and Health Education Coordinator:

    Winter is a time when fuel-burning devices are at peak utilization, along with that come the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can