Thoughtful Gifts for the Season

Dee Jepsen – Agricultural State Safety and Health Leader

Safety is important year-round – giving gifts of safety is a thoughtful idea to show you care. Here are a few safety and health gift ideas to show your family, friends and employees how much you value them.

Stocking stuffers include new work gloves, ear plugs or muffs, flashlights and smoke detectors with new batteries.

Another popular gift is a fire extinguisher - there are many sizes available to suit the needs for the home, garage, RV, or farm implement. For the vehicles, consider a small first aid kit, emergency kit, or long handled snow brush.

Don’t forget the helmets! With so many activities requiring helmets, it’s good to replace older style helmets. Motorized helmets (for motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs) should be replaced every 3-5 years, unless they have been involved in a crash or had a significant impact from being dropped or rolled off of a moving vehicle, in which case they should be replaced immediately. Welding helmets and gloves make great additions to the farm shop. Then there are helmets for the equestrians and bicyclists – many times the straps on older helmets become frayed and loosened – and are recommended to be replaced once they are stretched and worn out. Helmets come in a variety of styles and sizes – it is not possible for everyone to share a helmet. Be sure head gear is fitted properly for the best protection.

On the farm, other great gifts include a fall protection harness when climbing grain bins or working from heights greater than 6 feet. Retrofitting a tractor with a Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) is an affordable option for keeping an older model tractor operational and safe for the operator – check with a local dealer for a retrofit suitable to your model.

Prepare for safety and have a happy holiday season!

For more information about the OSU Agricultural Safety and Health Program visit for contact Dee Jepsen at or 614-292-6008.