NEW: Small Farm and Garden Safety Series Factsheets

A new series of factsheets was developed specifically for the small farmers, community gardens, and backyard gardeners. Many of these agricultural audiences use equipment (tractors, tillers, hand tools, ladders, sprayers, etc), but they are smaller or more specialized for the crop. Safe operation with these items is important to limit the injuries and increase quality of life while doing small plot chores.Book mark this page to see the complete list of 39 factsheets, as opposed to searching for each independent one. Happy and safe gardening this season!
Looking for more factsheets on safety and health? Here’s a link to all tailgate training factsheets, for traditional Agricultural workforces and Landscape & Horticulture workforces.  Our Ag Safety website contains all of our factsheets (including AgrAbility resources) in a one-stop shop!