Lifts for Tractors & Combines

Rachel Jarman – Ohio AgrAbility, Rural Rehabilitation Coordinator

Have you ever seen a person using a lift to get in and out of their vehicle at the local grocery store? Did you know that similar equipment is available for the ag industry? Farmers and other equipment operators can now return to the seat of their tractor or combine with the assistance of hydraulic driven lift mounted to their tractor, combine or other piece of equipment. These lifts can provide a safe alternative for farmers who have back injuries, arthritis, artificial hip, knee replacement or other circumstances that otherwise prevent them from climbing in to the seat of their machine. These lifts can be mounted directly to the tractor or combine with a platform that the person is able to step on. The cost of the lift depends on type purchased and how much fabrication goes into mounting it to the desired vehicle or piece of equipment. A lift company is linked in this article. Ohio AgrAbility and OSU Ag Safety do not receive any benefit from the links, and do not endorse any particular product or retailer.

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