Fall Fire Safety

Cora Carter—OSU Ag Safety and Health Graduate Assistant

As the chill creeps into the air, so do unique risks to the fall season’s festivities.  Simple precautions may be taken to prevent injury this year. One of the greatest dangers is that of fire and burns. Fall is a season known for crunchy dry leaves, dry corn stalks, bonfires, candles, and spooky smoke effects. Dry tinder and open flames greatly increase the chance of fire.

Simple fire safety precautions begin with using small flashlights or battery operated candles in the place of candles. Decorations for special events, often involving candles, account for an annual average of 800 home fires annually, according to NFPA.

In the United States, more than 100 people die each year as a result of their clothing becoming ignited. Only purchase costumes and fabric decorations that are labeled flame resistant or retardant. Avoid trailing features that present a higher risk of ignition.

Keep all flammable decorations away from all heat sources. This includes candles along with light bulbs and space heaters. Jack-o-lanterns can be illuminated with small, battery-operated candles.

Make sure all exits are clear and well lit. Do not block pathways or stairs with pumpkins or cornstalks. Ensure that children are supervised at all times.

Keep in mind that a safe season is the best season! Enjoy all the fun of fall with your family!