Ag Safety STAT: October 2017

Ag Safety S.T.A.T. – Safe Tactics for Ag Today is an electronic newsletter prepared by team members from the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Office. The goal is to provide seasonal safety news and activities that may be re-published in your own newsletters or programs. If you have safety-related questions or program ideas that you would like to share, please contact Dee Jepsen at
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Thoughts from the Editor

  1. Dee Jepsen – State Agricultural Safety and Health Leader:

    At work, at home, on the farm, or in the community… fires do not discriminate where they appear, or what they destroy. The theme for this year’s prevention week is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”  The


  1. Dee Jepsen, State Agricultural Safety and Health Leader:

    Teaching tractor safety courses to young workers is important on several levels. Besides safety, teens can learn important skills from a good training program. Students can also receive

  2. Agricultural rescue training and education are an integral part to protecting our work force of families tied to agriculture in Ohio. The Grain C.A.R.T. (Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer) was designed and built to do that twofold. Opportunities exist to offer professional training to

Safety Resource Spotlight

  1. The Grain Handling Safety Coalition’s mission is to prevent and reduce accidents, injuries and fatalities across the grain industry spectrum through safety education, prevention and outreach.   The site has training resources, handouts, toolbox talks and resources for young workers. More

Ohio AgrAbility

  1. Laura Akgerman Disability Services Coordinator for Ohio AgrAbility:

    Chronic pain is common among farmers and gardeners because of the physical nature of their work. Pushing, pulling, lifting, carrying, and walking can all aggravate

Injury Prevention

  1. Dee Jepsen, State Agricultural Safety and Health Leader:

    Fire safety is important - even at a bonfire. Follow these recommendations to make your next bonfire safe and enjoyable for all:

  2. Kent McGuire – OSU Ag Safety and Health Coordinator:

    As we continue to progress further into harvest season, the continuous activity, diminished daylight and stresses that can be associated with harvest can often lead to agricultural related injuries. It takes multiple

Emergency Management

  1. Dee Jepsen – State Agricultural Safety and Health Leader:

    Autumn is a season to be particularly alert for fires. During this season, we decorate our homes and businesses with dried fall foliage, light additional candles, burn yard leaves, and take in star gazing around

  2. Lisa Pfeifer – OSU Ag Safety and Health Education Coordinator:

    The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is among the USDA NIFA’s tactical sciences programs established to assist in protecting the U.S. food and agricultural system against threats from pests,