Extension Disaster Education Network

Lisa Pfeifer – OSU Ag Safety and Health Education Coordinator

The Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) is among the USDA NIFA’s tactical sciences programs established to assist in protecting the U.S. food and agricultural system against threats from pests, diseases, contaminants, and disasters. EDEN fosters collaboration between extension educators with varying specializations from all across the U.S. There are 300+ technical specialists and educators that contribute research-based resources to the collective offering a presence in all phases of disaster. It is a vital resource for local recovery when information is essential in guiding timely establishment of partnerships and roles for guidance through the turmoil that follows disaster. EDEN also has a host of disaster preparation and mitigation materials to guide communities before disaster hits or during the rebuilding cycle at the far side of a disaster where there is potential for recurrence. Resources are easily accessible for extension educators across the country, no matter how remote the area. You can find information about the water requirements for cattle following a disaster or proper sandbagging techniques for use during flooding. Need information on how to seek humanitarian aid for your local community during the recovery process or how to prevent mold? EDEN has the educational resources to guide you. Stop by the EDEN website to explore, eden.lsu.edu.

For more information about OSU Ag Safety, visit agsafety.osu.edu or contact Lisa Pfeifer, OSU Agricultural Safety & Health, at pfeifer.6@osu.edu or 614-292-9455.