AgrAbility 30 Year Anniversary

Laura Akgerman, Disability Services Coordinator, Ohio AgrAbility Program and OSU Extension

Ohio AgrAbility invites you to join us in celebrating 30 years of AgrAbility! In October AgrAbility projects will be on Facebook and Twitter posting stories, videos and resources about the farmers, staff, stakeholders, Assistive Technology and equipment vendors who make AgrAbility possible. Join us at the AgrAbility Virtual State Fair on Facebook or Twitter Ohio’s AgrAbility Project has been housed in CFAES Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering since 2009, and works with farmers across the state. We will be posting farmers stories and resources for the Virtual State Fair October 11, please join us and learn more about Ohio AgrAbility.

AgrAbility is a national program, funded by the United States Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA). AgrAbility assists farmers and other agricultural workers with disabilities by providing the resources and support they need to live independently, and to continue or return to working in production agriculture. AgrAbility consists of the National AgrAbility Project (based at Purdue University), and 20 State/Regional Projects. 

Laura Akgerman is the Disability Services Coordinator College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Ohio AgrAbility and OSU Extension. She can be reached at Akgerman.4@osu, or 614-292-0622.