Did you know Ohio ranks 4th in the U.S. for combine fires?

Picture of a combine on fire in a field.

Dee Jepsen, Associate Professor, Agricultural Safety and Health

While many combines are parked and inactive over the spring months, a team of Ohio State University students are thinking about fire hazards that occur to these machines while they are harvesting summer and fall crops.  

This team of Agricultural Systems Management students are seeking input from owners and operators of farm machinery. The goal of their survey is to better understand the patterns of routine cleaning, maintenance, and fire safety education that farmers have in place for their combine harvesters. 

If you own or operate a combine or corn picker, please help them learn more about your fire prevention practices by completing a short survey by April 16th

The survey questions are anonymous with the total survey taking approximately 12-15 minutes to answer. General questions are asked about the size of the farm operation and type of commodity harvested. Specific questions about each combine harvester will detail the age and maintenance plans in place for the equipment owned or operated by the farm. 

The results will help target outreach safety messages, including maintenance and prevention during summer and fall 2021 harvest seasons. 

The survey link can be found at this link: 

U.S. Combine Survey

Or using this QR code:  

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Thank you for contributing to an Ohio State senior capstone project. 

Dee Jepsen, Associate Professor, can be reached at 614-292-6008 or jepsen.4@osu.edu. This column is provided by the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety and Health Team, https://agsafety.osu.edu/.