National Farm Safety and Health Week 2021

Farm Safety Yields Real Results
September 19-25, 2021

National Farm Safety and Health Week is a time to turn the spotlight on far too overlooked practices in agriculture. Safety and health always seem to ride under the radar. This week provides a space and platform for safety and health professionals across the country to curate a collective of resources to help farmers address safety and health needs and practices. Yields, loans, conservation efforts, innovative technologies, weather, inheritance tax laws and carbon credits all seem to steal the thunder and the daily headlines, but farm safety yields real results and brings everyone home at night. Take some time out of your week to turn a focus to safety, not just this week but every week! Farmers are always short on time with a long list of to-dos but setting a pace that includes doing things safely can save lives. Put safety first! Talk with your employees and family members today. Schedule safety meetings with employees or conversations around the kitchen table with family to discuss safety rules and the safety culture on your farm. Decide to tackle one area and make it better, then another, and before you know it you will lead by example to your family, employees, and community. The daily topics of focus for this year are outlined below:

Daily Topics of Focus

Monday – Tractor Safety & Rural Roadway Safety

Tuesday – Overall Farmer Health

Wednesday – Safety & Health for Youth in Agriculture

Thursday – Agricultural Fertilizer & Chemical Safety

Friday – Safety & Health for Women in Agriculture

Head over to the National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS),, for resource in varying formats on numerous topics.

Also plan to join the AgriSafe Daily Webinars, with two topics offered each day. To see the schedule and register follow the link,

Have a happy, healthy, safe fall harvest!