Check Out Ag Safety at the 2018 Farm Science Review!

The OSU Agricultural Safety and Health program staff will be available to meet and talk with attendees of Farm Science Review, September 18-20. Find us located on the east side of Kottman Street, between Friday Avenue and Land Avenue.

The farm safety area will feature these exhibits:
 •  Grain Bin Safety Systems, with Decker Consulting & Investigations
 •  Virtual reality fall hazard training experience with LJB, Inc
  • 3M Drop Demonstration Truck showing the forces exerted on the body during various types of falls.
  • Farm Safety Hazard Hunt, a great activity for farm kids of all ages to spot hazards in a mock farm display.
  • ATV safety exhibit covering how to properly fit a rider for an ATV and see the safety gear to wear while operating an ATV or UTV.