The OSU Agricultural Safety and Health program staff will be available to meet and talk with attendees of Farm Science Review, September 17-19. Look for us at the following locations:
Agricultural Safety - OSU Central, on the east side of Kottman Street, between Land and Friday Avenues – daily exhibits on Sun Safety, Farm Safety Hazards, Whole Body Vibration, Hearing Loss Prevention, Farm and Rural Stress, and Women In Ag. Guest partner for FSR 2019, the Great Plains Center for Agricultural Health.
Ohio AgrAbility: A Focus on Livestock- OSU Central, on Land Avenue between Market and Kottman – see interactive equipment and vendor exhibit for farming with a disability
Peer-to-Peer Meetings: Meet our Ohio AgrAbility farmers, listen to their DIY solutions, AgrAbility stories, and information about becoming an Ohio AgrAbility client every day at 1 pm at the Ohio AgrAbility exhibit tent.
Fitness for Farm Life: Stretching and Everyday Exercises, session every day at 11am at the Ohio AgrAbility exhibit tent. An Occupational Therapist and Exercise/Fitness Coordinator will be offering tips on preventing injury, teaching the exercises, demonstrating how to modify exercises to match participants’ ability, and answering questions.
Ohio AgrAbility and Universal Design for Garages and Farm Shops - McCormick Building, Friday Ave
Ohio AgrAbility in the Garden – Utzinger Garden on Friday Ave.  Learn about helpful gardening adaptations from our Garden Signs as you walk through the garden.
Gardening Across the Lifespan – Utzinger Garden on Friday Avenue. Tips for gardening with arthritis, low vision, and other age-related conditions Tuesday 11 am
Farmer Stress – We Got Your Back during Question the Authorities – in OSU Central on Wednesday @ 11:20am, Tuesday @ 1pm, and Thursday @ 10:20am.
Special Presentation for Farmer Stress – Stop Fighting on the Way to the Funeral Home, with National Keynote Speaker Jolene Brown -  in OSU Main Tent on Wednesday at 1pm and Thursday at 10am. This 1-hour event will take a light-hearted look at a serious problem of juggling the everyday tasks and emotions involved in farming.

Also available for Farm Science Review attendees:

* A mobile scooter charging station at the Ohio AgrAbility tent.

* The "AgrAbility" Bus will be available from noon to 4 p.m. daily to transport individuals between the exhibit area and field demonstrations. The bus will be available at the main shuttle location near the Review administration headquarters building.

For more information about the Farm Science Review, visit


Local Response to Zoonotic Disease Outbreaks: Tabletop Scenario Exercise Training –
This training will help to prepare human and animal health professionals and local responders for a major zoonotic disease outbreak in Ohio via two tabletop scenarios with significant impact at the local level.
During the interactive exercises the participants will discuss the roles/responsibilities of different agencies and professionals during the early stages of a major outbreak involving human and animal disease, with serious public health and agricultural implications.
This exercise will prompt trainees to prepare for trending social media/public panic and to respond to familiar, unfamiliar, suspicious, and potentially significant circumstances at the local level.
The dynamics of this activity will provide an environment conducive to networking and connection-building amongst participants from multiple disciplines and backgrounds.