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January 2017

Ag Safety S.T.A.T. – Safe Tactics for Ag Today is an electronic newsletter prepared by team members from the OSU Extension Agricultural Safety & Health Office. The goal is to provide seasonal safety news and activities that may be re-published in your own newsletters or programs. If you have safety-related questions or program ideas that you would like to share, please contact Dee Jepsen at
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*Limited Dates Remain* -- Grain C.A.R.T. Programming for 2017

Agricultural rescue training and education are an integral part to protecting our work force of families tied to agriculture in Ohio. The Grain C.A.R.T. (Comprehensive Agricultural Rescue Trailer) was designed and built to do that two fold. Opportunities exist to offer professional training to first responders and/or deliver grain safety awareness curriculum for outreach education to farmers and agricultural industries by scheduling the Grain C.A.R.T. for your area in 2017.

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Add Safety To Your Winter Meetings and Workers’ Compensation Programs

Please consider the Ag Safety Office when developing your winter and early spring producer meetings or Workers Compensation group-rating programs. Our staff will work with you to design a program specifically for your audience group, or feel free to select a topic from those suggested below. Trainees will develop a safety mindset and learn about workplace hazards.

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The Ohio Emergency Management Agency (EMA) has an Animal Response Plan Development Tool Kit available on their website to help communities prepare for the safety and welfare of all types of animals in the event of an emergency or disaster. Each county EMA office is the lead agency for the development and implementation of their county’s Animal
 included in the plan 
 many support

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Managing Your Aches and Pains in the Winter

Laura Akgerman – Disability Services Coordinator for Ohio AgrAbility: Anyone with aches & pains knows that cold weather makes everything hurt a little more, and makes it harder to work and get everything done. According to Professor Robert H Shmerling, MD, at the Harvard Medical School, weather may or may not have an impact on your arthritis pain, but there may be “a connection between weather and joint symptoms…

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Preventing Slips and Falls During Icy Conditions

Kent McGuire – OSU Ag Safety and Health Program Coordinator: When the temperature drops, ice can become a severe problem on the farm.  Water troughs ice over, barn doors freeze shut, and ice glazes over travel paths or equipment stored outside.  Icy conditions can cause severe slip / fall injuries because an individual slides abruptly causing a loss of balance and impacting the surface below.

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The Silent Killer – Carbon Monoxide

Lisa Pfeifer – OSU Ag Safety and Health Education Coordinator: Winter is a time when fuel-burning devices are at peak utilization and along with that come the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas that can cause sudden illness and death. The Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of State Fire Marshal, lists examples of devices the may produce dangerous levels of CO gas as:

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Winter Travel Safety

Lisa Pfeifer – OSU Ag Safety and Health Education Coordinator: When the weather outside is frightful, the roadways and travel may not always be so delightful. Remember to plan accordingly as you set out in inclement weather. Safety steps take a little extra time, but they may ultimately help protect you and your loved ones in foul weather.

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