Farm Safety Day Camps

Farm safety day camps provide youth an opportunity to learn about agricultural hazards and injury prevention. The mission of the camp program is to teach youth about rural dangers; however the campers do not have to be farm children to benefit from the educational sessions. Injuries from horses, livestock, ponds, lawn mowers and electricity can occur to anyone, not just farm kids. Campers learn in a fun, interactive way the consequences of poor judgement around power machinery, flowing grain, and livestock. Hands-on demonstrations enforce the safety messages to youth that they will never be able to overpower a machine, hold on during a tractor roll-over, or escape from flowing grain.

This year marks the 15th year of a state program that educates youth about farm dangers. To date, approximately 18,100 Ohio youth have attended sessions that focus on rural safety—everyone, including the adult volunteers, have fun by interacting with one another, all in an effort to be reminded of safety.

For more information about camps, please contact Kathy Mann via email or at 614-292-0622.