The OSU Safety Program was one of 9 states to receive a Community 4-H ATV Safety grant (a subcontractee to the national project at Oklahoma State University).

Project Leaders:
Dee Jepsen, PI
Chris Penrose, Co-PI
Kathy (Henwood) Mann, Safety Program Coordinator

These funds will compliment past efforts of our Ohio ATV Program, as well introduce new activities to encourage and engage youth to practice safety. The overall objective of our program is to reduce the number of injuries and fatalities while enjoy an ATV ride. We can reach this objective by increasing rider's safety knowledge, improve their riding skills, and encourage personal responsibility. In 2011, Ohio published a new 4-H ATV Project Book. This grant will fund new opportunities for all youth, regardless of 4-H enrollment, to find engaging ways to learn about safety. Some of these opportunities include completing an ASI e-riding course, playing the Tread-Sylvania game, or participate in the "Do the Ride Thing" video contest. We plan to teach 500 students about ATV safety through school assemblies, day camp sessions, and Rider Education Courses; we plan to enroll and issue certificates of completion for 450 students participating in the ASI e-course. We look to incorporate the Tread Sylvania video game into our Ohio State Fair learning laboratories. Using the Community 4-H ATV Safety funds, the Ohio Safety Program will promote ATV safety and take active steps to reduce the number of injuries among new and young riders.

Look for more great things to come from these funds!