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The Agricultural Safety and Health program at The Ohio State University in the Department of Food, Agricultral and Biological Engineering is a nationally recognized center of excellence for educational extension programming and agricultural safety and health research.

Meet the faculty and staff of the Agricultural Safety and Health office.


Name Position title Phone Email
Dee Jepsen, PhD Associate Professor / State Agricultural Safety Leader (614) 292-6008 jepsen.4@osu.edu
Laura Akgerman Disability Services Coordinator / Ohio AgrAbility (614) 292-0622, Fax: (614) 292-9448 akgerman.4@osu.edu
Andrew (Dewey) Mann Research Associate in Ag. Safety & Lecturer in Ag System Management (614) 292-1952 mann.309@osu.edu
Kent McGuire CFAES – Safety & Health Coordinator (614) 292-0588, Fax: (614) 292-9448 mcguire.225@osu.edu
Lisa Pfeifer Educational Program Manager (614) 292-9455, Fax: (614) 292-9448 pfeifer.6@osu.edu