Employee Safety Resources

Safety Training Videos

U.S. Agricultural Safety & Health Centers: Safety Videos

eXtension.org: Ag Safety & Health Videos

University of Wisconsin: Tractor Certification Videos

A Tractor Accident Can Happen to Anyone

Safety and Grain Quality Management by NGFA

NAPO Safety Videos

OSU Chemistry: Lab Safety Videos

Harvest Roadway Safety from Illinois Farm Bureau


Equipment Operation Training Videos

Skid Loader Operation

Tractor Operation

Tractor with Implement Operation



"Safety Brief" Videos from OSU Ag Safety & Health

Harvest Roadway Safety

Forklift Safety

Skid Loader Safety

Heat Stress Illness

Fueling Safety

Livestock Safety at the Fair

Compact Tractor Safety

Spring Roadway Safety

Anhydrous Ammonia Field Safety

Safely Hitching / Unhitching Equipment

Utility Type Vehicle (UTV) Safety

EPA Worker Protection Standard

Safely Mounting / Dismounting Equipment

Winter Shop Safety


Print Materials

CFAES Student Employee Safety Orientation Checklist

OSHA Agricultural Operations webpage (English & Spanish versions)

OSHA Farm Safety Fact Sheet (pdf)

OSHA Youth in Agriculture

Dept of Labor: Agricultural Employer's Pocket Guide on Youth Employment

OSHA Emergency Preparedness for Farmworkers (pdf)

Ohio BWC Safety Talks

Ohio BWC Employer Safety Publications

Ready Ag: Disaster and Defense Preparedness (pdf)

ASHCA Facts 2015 - Be Safe, Be Profitable


Farm Science Review Safety Materials

CFAES: Field Demonstration Safety during Farm Science Review

CFAES: Safe Utility Type Vehicle (UTV) Operation during Farm Science Review

CFAES: Safe Operation of Golf Carts during Farm Science Review


Safety Resource Links

Ohio BWC - Public Employee Risk Reduction Plan (PERRP)

Ohio BWC Safety Related Links

John Deere Safety Resources

CAT Safety Resouces

Gemplers Safety Training Sheets


Printable Safety Posters

OSU Ag Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 11 and larger)

Farm Equipment Hazards

Tractor Safety

Skidloader Safety

Utility Type Vehicle "UTV" Safety

Grain Handling Safety



OSU EHS "Safety Brief" Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 11 and larger)

Compressed Gas Cylinders


Hot Work Permits

Cold and Flu Season

Office Electrical Safety

Dust Mask vs. Respirator

Ladder Safety

Confined Space Safety

Laboratory Security

Near Misses

Preventing Slips Trips & Falls in Winter

Fire Extinguishers

Chemical Monitoring Services

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)  / Chemwatch

Chemical Fume Hood Safety

Ohio's Public Employee Risk Reduction Program

Healthy Habits to Help Prevent Illness

On-line Safety Training

Office Ergonomics

Hearing Protection

Office Electric Safety

Pedestrian Safety

Heat Stress

Step up Your Safety

Keep Your Eyes on Safety

Building Emergency Action Plans

Winter Driving

Lifting Safely

Fall Protection

Why You Should Use PPE

Ask 4 Before Walking Out the Door

Slips, Trips, & Falls - Winter

Employee Injury Reporting


OSU EHS "Brutus" Safety Posters (Print size 8.5 x 14 and larger)

Brutus Wears PPE #1: Lab

Brutus Wears PPE #2: Construction

Brutus Lifting Safety

Brutus Exit Route Safety

Brutus Emergency Action Plan Safety

Brutus Watch Your Step

Brutus Taking Safety Training

Brutus Reporting Unsafe Incidents #1

Brutus Reporting Unsafe Incidents #2



If you have any questions, please contact Kent McGuire (CFAES Safety and Health Coordinator) at mcguire.225@osu.edu or (614) 292-0588.


Reviewed / Updated: 11/12/19 K. McGuire