Ohio's Farm Fatality Statistics

The Farm Fatality and Injury Database of Ohio ( FFIDO): Dr. Dee Jepsen

Summary:  Program involves surveillance of agricultural fatalities and injuries in Ohio, interpretation of data, and design of outreach programming.

Situation:  Agriculture is one of the most hazardous industries in the U.S.

Response:  The results of the FFIDO surveillance efforts are used to guide current and future research and outreach initiatives in the State Agricultural Safety Office. FFIDO tracks all agricultural fatal incidents in Ohio, classifying the injury agents involved as well as victim demographics. By monitoring trends and understanding the scope of the problem the OSU State Safety Team offers many research-based safety education programs, demonstrations, and publications aimed at teaching injury prevention and life-saving information. Using Ohio's agricultural surveillance data as the cornerstone of this process enables the strategies to be accurate and relevant in addressing the true problem.

Impact (2009 - 2018):  Trends in Ohio's mortality and morbidity rates were found to be slightly lower than those reported in the national occupational rates, and neighboring U.S. states. Data shows Ohio agricultural fatalities have decreased in recent years from 18 in 2009 to 9 fatalities in 2018. In the 10-year Ohio average, tractors and machinery were the most prevalent cause of death on Ohio farms, followed by grain handling facilities, All-Terrain Vehicles and skidloaders/forklifts. A review of 5,903 agricultural sector coded claims submitted to the Bureau of Workers Compensation program over a 10-year period (2008 – 2017), showed falls, struck by, and overexertion as the three most frequent injury types, with upper extremities being the most frequent injury site.

The documents below provide charts of the farm fatalities for the most recent 10 yearsavailable for the state of Ohio. These fatalities are reported by year, month, age, and agent of injury. In addition, a breakdown of the tractor-related fatalities and grain fatalities is provided. Farm related injuries are too hard to capture in a database and are not available outside of the preceding BWC report.

Current Ohio fatality statistics (2009 - 2018)

     Distribution of fatalities by year
     Distribution of fatalities by month
     Distribution of fatalities by age (10 year groups)
     Distribution of fatalities by Agent (cause of incident)
            Breakdown of Tractor related fatalities
            Breakdown of Grain Handling and Storage fatalities
National Statistic Data:
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